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For Fans

Follow your favorite bands, and find out when they will be playing near you! Interact with musicians and like minded fans locally and globally!

For Performers

Create a profile to promote your band, merchandise and music! Link your bands Facebook page, and create events that will automatically allow other performers, and the venue to administer.

For Venues

Easily add and share events to your Facebook page, automatically linking the performers and letting them edit and update details.

Everything you need to create a successful event promotions system.

Helpful interaction between performers and venues, with integration into several existing services.

Our Tools

The tools you need for successful band / venue event management.

Event Calendar

Create and track events easily.

Facebook Integration

Link's to your Facebook profile, create your event on Who's Playing Live and and set permissions and sharing with your facebook profile.

One Event

No matter who creates the event, all will be promoting the same one through Facebook

Personal Profile

No matter who you are, when you create your account, you will have access to tools for creating a personal profile, make it public or keep it too yourself.


Make announcements to your audience, let them know when you are going to be in their area, interact with your fans.

Coming Soon

Sell Merchandise

Advertise merchandise from your personal profile, or your band profile page. Venues can sell tickets from their profile page.

Coming Soon

Customizable Templates

Choose from several customizable templates for your Band or Venue page, no need for coding, just select the content you want to display

Coming Soon

Permission Management

You control who can view and edit your personal, band or venue profile. Give access to anyone you trust to help you create your public page.

Coming Soon

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